What is Secret Grit

Secret Grit

What is it all about?

Never be complacent!

Here at the Secret Grit Club, we take our workouts from the comforts of the gym to the ruggedness of the outdoors.

Secret Grit Club is a unique Les Mills Grit Cardio class. It is designed to improve cardiovascular health, increase speed and maximise your body’s calorie burn by employing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for 30 minutes per session. This workout uses diverse body weight exercises (no equipment needed) and provides the right amount of challenge and intensity to keep you motivated and get results fast. We will have on offer 2-4 sessions a week, so you are sure of our commitment to improving your fitness.

No membership required! In the Secret Grit Club, you turn up (check Facebook for event details). Prices are 10€ per session (7.50€ for Holmes Place members, just bring your membership card to the session to receive your discount).  You can join as many sessions as you want. And with a maximum of 15 people per class, you can be assured of an individualised approach to working out. Be part of the community and make new friends. With the science of HIIT and our inspirational coaches at the helm of it, you’ll be sure of a different, challenging and rewarding fitness journey with us.

  • Register at www.secretgrit.com
  • The program – Les Mills Grit Cardio – No equipment needed
  • 30 minutes High Intensity Interval Training – Short bursts of exercise with rest in between. Go as hard as you can – if you need to stop thats ok, rest and then go again
  • Location – 1 of 10 cool outdoor locations in Berlin
  • 2-4 sessions per week
  • Just turn up and train – no membership required
  • 10€ per session (7.50€ for Holmes Place members)
  • You can dip in and out as much as you want
  • Maximum 15 members per session
  • Be part of a great community and make new friends
  • Delivered in English

Secret Grit


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