My first visit is to Iten, Kenya on April 24th 2017, to deliver the funds raised during my first marathon in Hamburg on April 23rd.

Children in The Valley of Kerio eat once per day, and I aim to deliver a truck full of food to local schools to provide 3 months worth of school meals so the children can eat a second meal.

The more we raise the more we can deliver so please support if you can!

runners-heal-chris-cooper Children are starving in Kenya, and I’ve got to help…

In 2016, inspired by Mo Farah I started running.

Falling in love with the sport, I began to research the methods of the best runners in the world and came across this wonderful book ‘ Running with the Kenyans ‘ .

This book led me to research more into the Kenyan Way, and I came across Dutch Marathon champion and running coach Hugo Van Der Broek – who bases himself in the same town as the origin of this book, Iten – Kenya.

Fast forward 1 year of online coaching with Hugo and not only has my running improved, my affiliation with Kenya became stronger.

Whilst attempting to build a running body fit for Boston Marathon Qualification, I decided to go public with my journey and form ‘ Runners Heal ‘ – a charity focused on providing aid to children in Kenya.

My first visit to Kenya is on April 24th 2017, straight after my first marathon in my hometown of Hamburg Germany. For this trip to Kenya I will be visiting schools in The Valley of Kerio where children are only eating once per day. My goal, is to provide schools a second meal to give to the children for the next 3 months.

Thanks for reading, following and supporting us.

Chris Cooper, Founder

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