So you have decided to take a proactive approach to getting in better shape. Congratulations! Now is the time to make sure that you stay on top of things, and don’t lose motivation. Start smart by changing your diet from the outset.

Everyone needs to eat well. Food directly affects energy levels and stamina needed for you to conquer your workouts. What’s more; nutritional needs dramatically change when you start to exercise regularly.

Remember to Break Fast

You’ve likely heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, according to a recent study, skipping breakfast can increase the risk of obesity, and no one wants that. Regardless of what kind of training, a healthy breakfast sets the stage for an effective workout.

Blood sugar levels are low in the morning, meaning energy levels are too. Breakfast gives your body (and brain) an energy boost. Try eating protein-rich foods; it will help you feel full for hours and aids in building muscle tissue. At Secret Grit, we love a breakfast sandwich of ham and scrambled eggs. It provides carbs and protein, perfect!

Pre-Workout Munchies

Eating right before going to the gym isn’t recommended as this can make you feel sluggish. However, a light snack an hour before is a smart move and will keep sugar levels up. Carbohydrates help also, they’re easy to digest, and give a quick burst of energy. Try whole-wheat toast, a small bowl of pasta, or a fruity granola bar – delicious!

Post-Workout Munchies

The food you eat after working out is equally important; it will replace any nutrients and fluids used during your workout, and also helps the muscles recover. Carbohydrates like wild rice, spinach pasta or sweet potatoes will help replenish your glycogen (a particular type of sugar your body stores until it needs extra energy). Protein and carbs are essential after a workout, so is fresh fruit. Try making some whole-wheat toast with some grilled fish or chicken and add some avocado.


Keeping yourself hydrated is the most important aspect of diet when exercising regularly. We recommend maintaining a water bottle and having it handy throughout the day. Take regular sips, as only drinking during your working out won’t be enough.

Aim to drink approximately one glass of water an hour for the three hours leading up to your workout. If you’re working out for longer periods, try a specialised sports drink, they aid in keeping your electrolyte levels high and drink extra fluids after your workout. If water is too bland, try adding a squeeze or two of fresh lemon or orange to your bottle. You’ll add flavour but only a little sugar.

Keeping your body healthy is crucial for achieving any increase in your level of fitness. Healthy, balanced meals combined with a stress-free lifestyle will be a great help for you in this exciting journey toward fitness. Happy eating and drinking!

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