High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is any workout that alternates intense bursts of activity and periods of less-intense activity. Take this simple exercise for example: running as fast as you can for a minute and then walking for two minutes. Repeat that 3-minute interval five times for a fifteen minute HIIT workout. The question is, will fifteen minutes of exercise be enough? It sounds too simple to be effective! The answer is yes. Read on to find out the benefits of HIIT.


Are you one of those who “doesn’t have the time to workout”? Well, HIIT is for you, whether you want to squeeze in some exercises during lunch break or get in shape for a fast-approaching event. Studies show that you can achieve more in fifteen minutes of HIIT than jogging on the treadmill for an hour. Additionally, two weeks of HIIT will improve your aerobic capacity as much as 6-8 months of endurance training.

Good For The Heart

HIIT is extreme for the most part because it pushes your personal limits. In a short period, your fitness will improve, which is an excellent way to keep your heart healthy. With greater endurance and more get-up-and-go, you can do more. One study found that after eight weeks of doing HIIT, many participants could cycle twice as long as they did before the study.

Fat Burning

The intensity of a HIIT workout makes your body’s repair system go into overdrive, meaning your body burns more calories after you train – as well as during the exercise itself. Because of that, your body’s calorie consumption drastically increases.


Running is an excellent option for HIIT as mentioned earlier, as you don’t need equipment to do it. It’s the same with high knees, burpees and lunges. They work just as well for getting your heart rate up quick without you having to buy expensive gear and paraphernalia.

Increased Metabolism

A HIIT workout can stimulate Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production by up to 450%, within 24 hours after your workout. This increased production is great news as HGH boosts metabolism, increases caloric burn and slows down ageing.


You can do HIIT exercises anywhere. Whether you’re stuck in the airport or your hotel room, there’s no reason not to do your workout anymore. Since it’s a simple concept – go at maximum effort in short bursts followed by rest – you can adapt it anywhere, with time and space constraints considered.

You Don’t Lose Muscle

Those who are on a diet know all too well how hard it is not to lose muscle mass along with the excess fat. Cardio exercises can result in muscle loss, with HIIT, the fat loss comes from the fat stored in the body, not muscle.


If you are a seasoned exerciser who is in need of a new challenge, then this is also for you. It’s not a workout which lets you chat with a friend. Due to it being short and fast, you have to focus and work hard the whole time. You may find yourself in pain and out of breath, but it’s sure won’t be a boring workout.

Your journey to fitness is not going to be easy, but we promise it will make a huge difference in your life, and there is no better time to start but now. If you find yourself encouraged by these words – join us.

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